Annie Hardy. Fine Artist.

Local artist, Annie Hardy, is a native to San Diego and has been a brow & makeup artist at 'Brow Lounge' in Downtown, La Jolla for the past 9 years. Growing up she engaged in many forms of art including choir, musical theatre, makeup artistry, and cake decorating.

It was not until 2011 that Annie found her love for oil painting. Pursuing her passion, she dove into the local art community and began participating in many live art shows and festivals around the city. Inspired by all forms of life and beauty in nature, Annie paints a wide range of subjects from animals and people to landscapes and city skylines. Her peers and other local artists, however, more commonly know her for her detailed leaf and flower paintings.

The concept for her series "Seasons of Life", has become a significant motivation for her work. The series is intended to draw parallels between humanity and nature. Though leaves may appear simple from a distance, when examined closer their individuality and complexity is revealed.

The changes her leaves make throughout the series be it size, color, or shape, are meant to highlight the uniqueness and beauty in the natural process of growth: not just in nature but in ourselves. The pieces remind us that we are all different and colorful individuals, but to be fully whole and accept who we are, we need to embrace all our emotional and physical traits.

 Each design and title was rendered to match the emotional path Annie was on during the painting process. With each new piece her goal is to create deeper thought, encourage personal interpretation, and provoke self-reflection. You can find her work and up-coming events on Instagram @Annie_Hardy.